Sometimes over the skin treatments don't work, this is where injectibles are used.

virtual therapy

This technology uses non surgical methods to solve various skin issues using sound, electricity.


Laser skin technology removes skin layer by layer with precision.


Hair transplantation is a surgical technique moves individual hair follicles from one part of the body to another.

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Do I need a Bridal Package even if I have no skin issues?

Neither a picturesque venue, nor a perfect dress but the first thing that a bride should consider is herself. Getting a flawless skin is not an over-night job, our therapists expertise in providing quality skin care over a period of time. Bridal packages are all about putting your best face forward, on your special day. Even if you donít have any skin problems your skin need to have that flawless glow to set you apart from others. Our doctors can guide you through what pre bridal and general skin care steps you actually need to take. We follow a step by step procedure to make you look your radiant and gorgeous best. Nothing extra nothing less, as we say we value your money.

Should I really get a facial or is it just a luxury?

Pollution, heat and humidity, these reasons are enough to give you skin problems. Many people often take it as luxury and donít understand the benefits that a good professional facial can offer. Your skin is always on display and almost open to everything around. Just a day in the hot sunny atmosphere and dust around can give you ample skin problems. So facials are ideal once in a month unless you have some specific skin problems to overcome.

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